Figuring out which page I'm on to specify an override in Engrave mode

Hopefully I can explain this easily and succinctly.

I was working with an entire musical in one file with each song being a separate flow. As is customary in musical theatre, sometimes flows needed to be forced to start on a left-hand page in a layout instead of on the right-hand page. So I created a page template that says “This page intentionally left blank to facilitate page turns”. And I inserted that where needed.

So far, so good.

The problem was, as I scrolled through the layout to see where that needed to be inserted, I sometimes had trouble remembering which page I was on to know where it needed to be inserted. So I would have to scroll back to the beginning, count the pages, and then insert it in the layout.

Is there some way to click on a page in Engrave Mode and know which page of the layout we’re looking at (without actually having the page number on the page, because I didn’t want/need that in my layout, my page numbers were flow page numbers)? For example, it would be great if clicking on an item on a page in Engrave mode would highlight or change the color or something of the “thumbnail” of the page up in the upper right hand corner where it shows the left/right pages with their override indicators, etc.

Am I missing something that’s already there?

Turn on View > Page Numbers.


Oh, for crying out loud, that was simple! LOL I feel slightly foolish :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: Thank you, Leo!

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To be fair, it’s only been there since Dorico 5.1!


Ahhh, that makes me feel a lot better!! :grinning:

Another thing that would help would be to have the page number a selected object is on show in the status bar at the bottom of the interface.
Something like “ of ”

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That was actually the first place I looked. Thinking of how selecting a note in write mode shows you what voice it’s in down in the status bar, I guess I expected it to show me which page I was on in engrave mode.

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