File_01, zero size. What are they? [solved]

I’ve been noticing these for ages but I just assumed they are something techy that Cubase needs to work. But they don’t consistently appear. I’ve just done an import, deleted it from project and pool, then reimported and one - just one (track one if that’s relevant) - has appeared, although 3 tracks were imported. It’s being used, I can’t delete it.

I presume there is a good reason but because only one has appeared I’m scratching my head and seek enlightenment. They don’t half clutter the place up.

Does it have an extension? It could be a remnant of a temporary file or a copy of the clip. Does it remain after you close the project and/or Cubase?

Been wondering about this for ages too … but as their size is zero and their count is neglible to have any real issue on disk space consumption, I haven’t bothered to spend a minute to examine what they are. (whoops … just spent a considerable amount of time to write my post … oh why, oh why???)

Well, I’ve got them all over now, all WAV, all 0 size. It must be something to do with the tracks because you only get them for the first of several clips that share the same one. If we have to have them, I’d love to see them in a separate folder, because there are times when you want to copy the original files and and have to unpick the dummies.

Well, perhaps not worth a great deal of time except…

…they’re not always easily told apart from multiple takes which use the same _01 naming convention (iirc this happens if you leave Cubase to do it for you).

I asked this question here awhile ago, and someone suggested that they have to do with the pre-record buffer. It was suggested that I turn that off to see if they went away, but I never bothered.

for a short while I let those files bother me enough to delete them when I saw them.
Then I thought “screw this!” and left them alone since.
They only seems to be needed when the project is running and new ones are created next startup.

Conclusion: don’t bother :sunglasses:

It’s just a temporary file for Cubase to record to. It appears when you record enable a track I believe.

Ok, that sounds feasible. In fact, I’ve just tested that out and it seems to be the case. What’s more, they disappear when the project is closed. Which presumably means it is safe to delete any that get left behind for whatever reason.

Thanks. C