File (and backups) stopped working

Hi All -
I’ve been working on a file, and one day I went to open it and it suddently stopped being recognized by Dorico. Here are the symptoms:

  1. The file has lost the dorico icon. When I duplicate it, it comes back. But both are still un-openable.
  2. All backups of this file have no icon, and will not open.
  3. Other files still open normally.
  4. When I try to open a backup, I get no error message. It just doesn’t open.
  5. When I open the duplicated file, I get the message “Can’t Open File”. And then behind it, I see that the program is stuck at “20%”.

I haven’t done anything strange to my computer, or that file. I found the thread about something similar, and being effected by MIDI network connections, but that didn’t seem to help (I have no MIDI networks open).

Any ideas? This is a big file and I would really hate to lose all the work I put in it! I’ve attached a copy of the duplicated file. Can anyone open this?
thanks -
SpitsbergenV2 (761 Bytes)

Unfortunately the file you’ve attached is too small to be a full Dorico project. It really looks like something has happened with the saving of the project at some point, though I’m not sure what it may be. Can you zip up the contents of the folder named after this project in your Backup Projects folder (inside Dorico Projects) and attach it here, or email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de? What is the file size of the non-duplicated version of the project?

Hi Daniel -
Thanks for the reply. Yes, that is pretty small! I didn’t notice. The original file is 2,163,188 bytes, so significantly bigger. But still pretty small.

Interestingly, my computer won’t let me zip up that file. It just flashes the compress window, and then doesn’t do it. Super odd.
If I put it in another folder, I can though. So here it is.

Could it be some kind of permissions issue?
j. (1.19 KB)

I’m afraid this is beyond my ability to diagnose: when I unzip your file, I get a file that reports itself as 2.2MB in size, but when I try to look at the contents of the file, I’m told (by the OS) that the file doesn’t exist.

I would recommend running some disk checking/scanning software to make sure that there’s no lurking problem on your system.

Weird. I found a backup on another computer (sync’ed folder) that works. So I was able to revive from that. I’ll run some system repairs to see if something bigger is going on. Thanks for your help.