File browser: are different view levels possible??


I am running wavelab 8.5.2 (64bit on Windows 7). In the wavelab file browser I see all the details like length, bitrate etc. According the the manual it should be possible to select different views (eg. only showing the file names; like in previous versions of Wavelab) but I can not figure out how to do this. What am I overlooking. As you see from the screendump, I don’t have any buttons to change the view.

Yes, i know that I can turn off all file name properties (bit rate etc) but then, still, the names are in a long list and not in multiple columns like i want (similar to the tiles view in windows, but then without the icons).

I hope I make sense. It was possible in previous versions of wavelab,

This has changed. We thought that multiple columns (with useful audio info), was more interesting than multi column of single file names.

Hi Philippe,

Hope I have the option again in WL

To add - it would also be useful if the file explorer could reveal ‘hidden’ files (in Windows), as well.

I miss the option of just clicking on montage instead of the pop up menu. I often open more than one montage from more than one folder. Having the option of not automatically jump to “audio-file” after opening a montage would be great.

Can’t avoid mentioning: Congratulations PG! WL just keeps getting better!