File Browser / Cubase 11 / NOT WORKING AS EXPECTED

File browser is not showing the content of some folders with sample libraries that can be displayed in Cubase 9.5.

Same issue here. I tried to add my sample library as a favourite (by right klicking on the folder) as I read somewhere that could help, but apparently, it makes no difference.

Hi, has there been any news on this problem?
I’m having a similar issue: my media bay is showing the files but the file browser is not…?
It just shows the same folders as media bay but empty!
Is there a function I have to activate to get this to work?

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Same here. It’s really affecte my workflow but I can’t find any info or a fix.

After updating to 11.3, my Cubase also stopped displaying the files in the file browser. Frustrating. Are there any ideas out there as to how to get this running again? Delete Preferences?

in my case was something strange related to AMD… I changed to Intel and all worked fine… but not sure if is about another thing… I did clean installation with AMD (in past) and nothing worked.