File Browser incredibly slow with network drives

I’m finding that the File Browser is incredibly slow when navigating network drives. This is something I’ve experienced since v7. Seems ok with local drives, but it can sometimes take 30 seconds to open a folder on a network drive. This never seemed to happen on v6 and older. This occurs on both PC and Mac, both of which are relatively hi spec machines (not SSD though).
Anybody experience this, and if so, how did you resolve it?

Using which file browser? The operating system browser, or WaveLab’s internal browser?
Are you browsing very large folders?
Is it really the same on WaveLab Mac and WaveLab Windows?
BTW, current WaveLab version is 8.0.3, not 8.0.2.

Wavelab’s internal browser. All fine with the OS Browser. The folders could be quite large yes, but nothing that would justify this kind of speed (I regularly open the same directories with other applications and the problem seems specific to Wavelab). I’ll update to the latest version, but being realistic i can’t imagine that will solve the problem, as like i say, i have experienced this since v7.

It seems my pessimism was a little hasty, as an update to 8.0.3 does seem to have improved the issue! It also seems to have made a big difference running the 64bit version. I was previously running WL 32bit so i could use Speakerphone.

Indeed, there was a change about this in 8.0.3 :wink:
But only on Windows, as the problem was not experienced on WaveLab Mac.