File cleanup

I remember, in the dim and distant past (of using Cubase VST) that there was a tool for cleaning up cubase projects. You could select a directory and scan for unassociated files. Does anything like that still exist, or is it now a manual review, select, delete process? :question:

See manual.

file -> backup to a new project you are thinking of? then just pick the option “remove unused files”

I guess the answer is “no” then!
Previously, Cubase allowed the user to clean unused files from any folder selected. It seemed to do this by checking associations within any Cubase project (not just the one you’re in at the time).
It was a very useful tool… in its absence I will have to continue with the back-up method

Well, there’s the ”Project -> Pool -> Remove unused media / Empty trash” route you might be familiar with (or should be, if not).


The problem with using the Pool and Empty Trash for removing files from disk is that it doesn’t check if the file is used by other project(s).
So if you have other versions of projects using the same audio files you will have missing files when you open those projects.

The Cleanup functionality was available up to Cubase 8.5 I think, so I still use old version of Cubase (7, 8 etc) for cleaning disk of unassociated (not used) audio files.


Up to Cubase 9… And I still use it for this very function… Why did they remove this feature is beyond me???

Install a version up to Cubase 9 (which has the Clean-Up feature)… As this references to projectfiles and audio files only, it also works for projects made with the newer versions (9.5, 10, 10.5).
I have Cubase 9 installed just for this very feature.

Why they removed this feature is beyond me???

That’s EXACTLY the feature I meant. Why would they remove it? Very odd.
I don’t have Cubase 9 so (unless you can offer a valid and free solution) I doubt that this will be an option.
C’est la vie

If you have a license for C10/10.5, you can use all of the earlier versions… You just need to get an installer for C9.