File Compatibility

Hey gang … I started a Cubase session in our tracking room. I had then moved to another room where I took the original session and audio files, copied them to the second room’s computer, did some editing, rough mixes, etc… . I’ve done this many times, through many different cubase versions without any problem until today. When I try to take the session from the editing room and open it in the tracking room to complete some more overdubs, the session will almost open to the point where I can for a split second see the playlist and console, then Cubase crashes.

I’ve triedcopying everything across including the audio files, images, etc… but it still won’t open back up on the tracking machine. I’m using cubase 9.5.41. This has happened before, but after a few times of retrying to open the file in tracking it has always opened up. This session opens up fine in the editing suite. I need this current session to open in tracking so I can overdub to the edits and other things I’ve done.

Thoughts ?



Could you attach the crash file to get know, where did it crash, please?