File content is gone

I’m a Dorico user from the beginning. This problem never occured to me before…
I was working on my Master Page Layout in Engrave Mode. When I pressed Apply the whole content of the Flow disappeared…

I checked back in my Google Drive for past versions, they’re all corrupt.

Other Dorico files open and playback without problems.

Is it possible to check the file in attachment to see what the problem is?

Many thanks!

test piece.dorico (585.1 KB)

There are no Flows in your document. I don’t think that’s a result of editing the master Page.

Deleting the Flow deletes all the music. (You can delete all the Layouts, and the music will still be in the document, of course.)

It’s possible that you triggered some unusual bug, though I don’t think there’s ever been a similar report. Do all your past versions also have no Flows?

Did you ever try ctrl-z to undo? (Probably too late now, unless you’ve never closed the file.)

Yes, I saw that after hitting apply. Before, there was 1 flow with approx. 140 bars of music. A full concert band…

I was just adding a dedication text frame and hit apply.

If you go in Engrave mode, you can enter the Master Page Layout, but my flows are gone. And also in my working Google Drive versions from minutes before, where the problem didn’t occur yet…


Hitting CTRL+Z didn’t work…

I suspected as much, but just wanted to be sure. It’s a good piece of the puzzle to have.

If Google Drive’s version are showing the same problem, from a time ‘before the problem existed’, then either those versions have all been over-written by newer ones, or … I don’t know.

Check the time-stamps on the files and the file size.

Do you have a backup?

I’m sure someone from the team will be along to help, but I don’t think any similar problems have been reported, so I’d look for ‘local causes’. If it’s just this one file, and no others, then I’d be inclined to chalk it up to experience.

Thanks for your replies. I’m lucky I still have the Master Page Layout, so adding a new flow and copying the music from the composer’s file in this file should do the trick to be up and running again…

I’m working with Google Drive for 10 years now and the version history has saved me a lot of trouble in numerous situations… But here, it fails me :).

Like you predict, I guess they all have been over-written…


If the file is glitching, I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to copy everything back into it… I suspect it would be much safer to create a new file. Just a thought.

Cloud storage is great as a ‘second line’ of redundancy, in addition to a local backup, but I wouldn’t solely rely on it. I’d recommend having a scheduled backup to a local external volume as a bare minimum.

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Assuming you’ve been working on the same computer throughout, it’s worth checking your Trash/Recycle Bin for Dorico’s AutoSaves (which should be dated and time-stamped).


That’s what I did Leo. But here, the same results. All the autosaves are corrupt too… And these are not directly linked to my local and cloud backup.

I wasn’t completely clear in my comments :). I work with local backup every few hours. But cloud storage is my main method of working. Sibelius and Dorico never gave problems in the past… But I guess the issue I had today is indeed a rare bug. Fortunately, I can reproduce everything in less than an hour!

Is it necessary to close this thread?

Thanks everyone!

No. In the event that anyone else ever experiences the same issue, they can add to it here.

Are you local backups also all the same? I don’t know how Dorico could have over-written your backups and Google Drive versions, so I suspect there’s more to this story than an simple bug!

But glad you’re back at work; I hope it doesn’t happen again.

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Yes, that’s the strangest thing. Dorico’s autosaves, my local backups and my cloud storage files all give the same result. Master Pages Layouts are there, all my instruments are set, but the flow is deleted.

Ok, I’ll keep the post open!