File corruption and rhythmic corruption

Using Sibelius, I have across both types of corruption which were explained to me, in the following way:

  1. file corruption, where the file won’t open at all

  2. rhythmic corruption- The file will open and play properly, but there are rhythmic errors, and when trying to copy/paste stuff, some of it it disappears.It is most usually caused when the notes/rests are input either by importing a file (either MIDI or MusicXML) or by Flexi-time option with extremely sensitive settings chosen, or more rarely,where the music is created through conventional mouse/keyboard input, and sufficiently rhythmically complex that you’re operating at the edges of what is supported by Sib, if not beyond.

I still do have this problem which is also attributed to doing a lot of editing, and Ive even come across stuff which copies and pastes back the same way, and is still visibly incorrect, but audibly correct on playback. I enter music thru conventional mouse/keyboard input.

Is it possible this kind of problem might also show up in Dorico–ie mainly that youd be able to hit its ‘complexity limit’ and errors will then appear, in the form of rhythmic corruption?

Thanks so much–and looking very forward to using Dorico! :slight_smile:

Thanks Bob

It’s hard to say really whether you would encounter this with Dorico or not. It’s not something that we’ve really seen to date. We do have a very different data model to Sibelius, and a big difference is that Dorico can cope much better with things like unisons. We have a more flexible model for representing tuplet positions exactly (whereas Sibelius rounds them to the nearest 1/256 of a beat), and we’ve done a lot of work to ensure that tuplets are a first-class citizen and can be easily edited.

There is always a problem when the application can’t perfectly notate what was played in, but the user wants to ensure that it will play back the same way. The application has to put the notes somewhere. MIDI import is still at an early stage - there’s more in the pipeline for improving the rhythmic/tuplet interpretation.

Thanks so much for your reply Paul :slight_smile:

I hope I’m understanding this correctly, as the problems Im seeing is not with notes from a midi file or XML file–but being entered as notation by keyboard, or mouse input. Its shows wrongly but plays correctly…and is a huge pain :slight_smile:

Again I appreciate your kind reply:)

Thanks Bob

I certainly haven’t seen any problems like this. Because of our much improved tuplet handling it means that notes and tuplets can get moved around a lot and we always know their exact rhythmic position, so they never get ‘lost’.

Thanks so much Paul–It will be great to be working with Dorico where I wont have to worry about this anymore.

Thanks again :slight_smile: