File crashes

This file was sent to me by a client. I need to copy its contents and paste it into my template files, but I can’t do so without Dorico freezing.

Can anyone get this file to function without crashing?

Vida eterna 2.dorico (853.3 KB)

In case all else fails, here is the preview.pdf from within the Dorico file (when unzipped).
preview.pdf (58.2 KB)

The original file opened OK for me in Dorico 5.1.10 (the latest version). When opening, there was a message that it was created in Dorico 4.3.

Here it is opened in, and saved from, Dorico 5.1.10.

Vida eterna 2 (re-saved from D5.1.10).dorico (1.2 MB)

I also tried opening the original file in Dorico 4.3. It opened without any problems.

Here is the original file exported as musicxml from Dorico 5.5.10.

Flows from Vida eterna (12.7 KB)

Curiously, when I imported the (full score) musicxml file into Dorico 5.1.10 it gave an error message that musicxml validation failed with the following detail:

ERROR - Element ‘syllabic’: This element is not expected. Expected is one of ( end-line, end-paragraph, footnote, level ).

This occurred at lines 631, 636, 641, 646, 2108, 2113, 2118, 2123, 2545, 3019, 3884, 4165 and 4968 of the musicxml file.

The other musicxml file in the folder gave the same message but on different line numbers.

Both musicxml files opened OK apart from the error message.

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Thanks Steven. Not sure what was happening with me…

When all other explanations have been eliminated, I often start to suspect stray cosmic particles passing through……

PS I don’t know if it is relevant and/or might contribute towards any problems, but in Setup mode I noticed that the part layout has a blank name (ie no characters at all, not even a space).

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Dan, it would be helpful to see the crash logs generated by your initial attempts to copy and paste from this project. Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting file here. If it’s too large to attach, please use a cloud sharing service or something like WeTransfer to send them to me.

Thanks Daniel. I’ve been working on other projects since then. Still helpful to send the logs?

Yes, of course. The crash logs should still be knocking around.

Here they are:

Dorico (728.9 KB)

There are no crash logs in those diagnostics, Dan. Are you still able to reproduce the problem if you go back to the original project? If so, please try to reproduce the crash again, and then upload a new set of diagnostics.

Sorry, maybe it was on my other device, file below.

Also, perhaps it hung instead of crashing?

Dorico (3.2 MB)

Indeed, there are no crash logs in these diagnostics either, so presumably it hung instead of crashing. You can no longer reproduce the problem, I assume?

Unfortunately not. Sorry Daniel.