File disappeared...?

Just trying to re-master an old 44.1 wav file with a few 3rd party plug-ins (ie., nebula, vs slick eq.,u-he presswerk, etc.,), everything seemed to proceed nicely, went to render…and a) the original file is blank !!! (i.e., gone) and b) the resultant file, which I named in the render set-up, doesn’t exist. Anywhere on my pc. So now I’m out my original and the render.

So not cool. :neutral_face:

This sounds more like a file system error than anything else?
Is this a problem you can reproduce with another file?

No - I even checked all my temp file locations…nothing, not a trace. I’ve been trying other files in WL since then, haven’t been able to reproduce (I have a funny feeling it may have had something to do with Nebula, which doesn’t always respond well to “fast” bounces in othe DAW’s) Anyways - hopefully, this was just a one-off event.