File does not exist after saving! Mac

Hello everyone,

Last night a remixed an old song made in SX3 and/or C5; I had to find all SampleTank sounds wich where lost, since I’ve opened it the last time on my G5 PPC, wich I had before (now I’m on a MacPro)
I saved the project in C6 and kept the “old” project wich is an option in C6 (new) so now the projectname is the same, but has -01 at the end of the projectname.
This morning when I look in the recent projects, under “file” it was there: songname-01.cpr, also the old one (songname.cpr without -01)
When I open the new project (songname-01.cpr) a window pops up: file “songname-01.cpr” does not exist. do you want to remove it from the recent file list?
I looked in spotlight and gave a search command to look for the projectfile, but it’s nowhere!

I noticed the same for another project wich I saved some days ago in the same way…

Am I doing something wrong? and did I do all the work on the project for nothing?
Hope someone can please help me with this.

Thanks in advance!

How exactly did you do that?

The problem is solved…

The file/project was on a “sparse image disk” or something like that
About half year ago I migrated from my G5 to MacPro and I copied the old HD to a new HD with Carbon Copy Cloner.
It was allways available, but since a few days, I have to mount it by clicking it and after that it appears on my desktop as a seperate volume.
When I look for info on it (command-i) I see that it’s in MS-DOS (FAT16) format!
Dunno where that comes from…
I’ll dive into that; at least I now understand why Cubase couldn’t find my project…