"File doesn´t exist"


Today when I was about to open a project I was working on yesterday, cubase suddenly couldn’t find the file. Even though it was on the same place as yesterday. The file has not moved.

At first cubase couldn’t find any file. But now there is only one project it can´t open. Does anyone know what to do when this happens?

Thank you!

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Did you by any chance rename the project and/or folder after you saved it? A good practice is to start naming the project and set initial preferences, then save it before you start to do any recording.


I didn´t rename anything, but I did move some audiophiles cause I discovered that they were saved in another place than the map of the project. But I moved them again to see if that made any difference and it didn’t.

Thank you for responding to my question!

Your welcome. This illustrates why it’s best to first name your project so everything is in the same folder with the same name. If you don’t and start audio recording it will store the files in the ‘Untitledxx’ directory. When you save your project after the recording and name it it will store your project file under the new name and same folder but the audio files will remain in the ‘Untitled’ folder. Making your project folder view very confusing.

Ok, thanks for solving that problem for me. I didn’t´t understand how they ended up in different places :slight_smile:

There’s a whole universe of possible confusion with project directories. My preference is to change the option in hub or project assistant to always prompt for location on project creation… Then you can be reasonably sure that a new project has everything in the same place.

I do the same as Grim, and when I’m done recording I use the backup function to copy and minimize the project.
Then there are only the files that are needed in the new folder, the old folder goes to an external drive for safe keeping.
I find it important to come up with a strategy, that makes reasonable sure that I can go back to a previous versions of a project. That strategy may be different for the way you work, but spending a little time making one, can save hours of frustration later.

Yes, I do the same and also imo this is the best option. I also have set the default location where to store the projects. This way you won’t be tempted to do quick recordings and end up with a bunch of untitled project folders :slight_smile:

What does “prompt for project location” mean? When I click that box and then create empty, a Finder-window opens. No cubase project. I am guessing that is not the way it is supposed to work?

I have now set “use default location” to a map where I want all my files, and I also save my project before I start to record, but my audiophiles still don’t end up where I saved them and want them to be. Does anyone of you understand how this happens?
Thanks for help!

HI sten12,

Please take a look at this video. It’s from an older version but the workflow is basically still the same in C9. It will at least clarify most common questions you have and give you some more understanding on how to deal with this:


This is correct. This option is for starting work on a new project. You create a new folder and it assigns the audio folder inside of it and it will default the project save to there also.
You end up with a self contained folder just for that project. Depending how you set up import preferences it will also copy any imported audio to this folder as you work.

Where it can be tricky is if you’re the sort of person who starts lots of ideas and doesn’t want to name and organise them before they have developed. In this case you can use a default folder to start writing and once the project is a keeper you can use backup to new folder with it’s own name.
I think it’s quite important to understand what Cubase is doing with your files behind the scenes as it’s all too easy to accidentally delete or misplace something you needed if you don’t keep organised.

Ok now I understood :slight_smile: thank you for your patience! Problem solved.