File, Edit line disappears in Cubase 8


I had a problem occur prior to upgrading to the full version of Cubase 8 where a message came up as the program was loading stating:

The following program has performed an action that requires windows to temporarily change the colour scheme to Windows 7 basic.

Program: Video Engine Code
Publisher: Steinberg Media
Process identifier (PID) 3580

Windows will automatically change the colour scheme back to Windows Aero when this program is no longer running…
So upgrading - I thought this might get rid of that message but it hasn’t. The problem is that the toolbar line - where you have the File (drop down list) Edit etc appear but visually look different to when Cubase was running correctly as they now appear in black with a dark border and nothing appears when you click on File etc. When you open a project, the line disappears completely - so a lot of the functionality of Cubase is not available.

Is this connected to the Video engine code message re Windows 7 basic or is there a setting I need to access to resolve this?

I also uninstalled the previous version of Cubase and re-loaded. But no joy.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks for sharing this, Richard. I have the same problem. Haven’t found a solution yet. I have written to steinberg a few weeks ago, but no reply yet. Cubase is not usable like this.

I have tried changing back to an aero theme using the cmd interface (net stop uxsms / net start uxsms), but this didn’t help either (the file, edit, etc menus appeared once, until I opened another project. When I tried to repeat what I did, it didn’t work anymore).

Any help would be appreciated.