File Error Dorico ipad 2.4

Got this error after installing iPad 2.4 again. before that I got a black screen.

I have the same issue

At least we are not longer alone… :slight_smile:

At what point does this error appear? Immediately after opening the project? After a little while (e.g. could it be triggered by Dorico attempting to auto-save the project)? When you try to close it?

It suddenly appears shortly after opening the project,

After I reinstalled Dorico 2.4 on the iPad Pro because I also got the described black screen. Then after starting up Dorico and tried to open a file from my iCloud…

In the meantime, I ended up with the “black screen” again, the error message stayed away.

Could the cause be that I do not have my Dorico folder in the original place?

in my case, exactly this seemed to be the cause. I reinstalled Dorico. Removed the old Dorico Folder on the iCloud Drive and made iCloud Drive the default folder in the program references within Dorico. Dorico created its own folder then on the iCloud Drive and I moved my former content into this folder. After this procedure everything works fine now on my iPad Pro 12,7 M1.

We’re looking into this at the moment. We think perhaps the security scope we’re obtaining for the project file is not sufficient for us to write the uncompressed project file in some cases.

Same behavior here…and it works this way!!!