File export - end of audio missing

I’ve recently been editing some DJ mixes and noticed when I export the final edit of the files, and check the exported audio, the last few seconds of the mix is missing, almost as if I put the markers in the wrong place. I’ve checked and every time they are in the right place.

Somehow Cubase is deciding to leave off the last several seconds of the audio. I’ve tried it numerous times with different files and it does it each time. I’ve tried setting the end marker a bit later and this gives me all the audio, however this is not ideal as my file has a few seconds of no sound at the end, which to my clients will look like I’ve not cut the file in the right place.

Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know what could be causing Cubase to miss the end of my audio when exporting?

I have just found a workaround to the problem. I’ve noticed when I export an mp3 there’s a few seconds missing from the end of the file, but if I export as a wav it’s all there. So I guess for now I’ll need to export as wav then convert them to mp3 (I only want to use mp3 files for DJ mixes as wav files are too big).

Does anyone know why an mp3 would be cut short but a wav is fine?

Did you ever find a solution to the shortened MP3 export?

Im editing programs for a radio station and having the same problem of missing the last few seconds of the file.

Should we choose a different audio editor?

I didn’t unfortunately, but I have now got used to exporting wav, then using another program to convert to mp3.