File format error when importing midi

I’ve converted four .aif tracks to .mid. I’ve successfully imported two of the midi files into Dorico, but the other two are saying ‘invalid file format’ even though I went through exactly the same process for creating them and importing them into Dorico. Can you help please? Thanks

Can you please zip up the files that won’t import and attach them here, so we can take a look at them?

Sure, thanks. I’ve zipped them but they’re 90.5 MB in total so I can’t upload them…

90 MB, that must be the .aif files. You could post the .midi files, they are much smaller.

No, it’s definitely the .mid files. But you’re right, maybe they haven’t converted properly from aif to mid. I’ll look into that…

How (I have been wondering for 2 days) are you supposedly “converting” AIFF audio to MIDI? I don’t know of a way to do this other than manual transcription by ear.

Mark, I was surprised, too, but found out that there are several tools, which can actually accomplish this, like melodyne: How to Convert Audio to MIDI - YouTube
Celemony | Tomorrow's audio today