File import error - Cubase 9 replace files with same name

When import audio file with same name, Cubase Pro 9.0.1 (on Windows 7), replaces a file content (in project folder) that has been imported previously.

To recreate the problem…

  1. Create empty project and select Project Folder.
  2. Add an audio track
  3. Open MediaBay
  4. Drag from MediaBay audio file (for example: file 03.mp3) from folder 1 (first file), to project audio track.
  5. in Import options select “Copy file to workig Directory” and press OK button. (after this, in project folder, Cubase create this wav file (for example: file 03.wav - copy of first file)
  6. Drag from MediaBay another file with same name (for example: file 03.mp3) from another folder (second file), to project audio track.
  7. in Import options select “Copy file to workig Directory” and press OK button.

after this:

  1. Cubase replace content of first file (03.wav) to content from second file in proiject folder. :frowning: But in Project Pool displayed as 2 files - “03” and “03 (2)”, and when play “03” in pool or in project , this file content same as in “03 (2) !!! and in project, this clips have different waveforms, but when play - they have same audio content (from second file)”. And in project folder we have only one file - “03.wav”

2. Cubase show error: “Cannot convert this type of file!”

This is a very big problem, because I can not be normal to use the program. I have a lot of different folders with different sounds that have the same file names. And the program replaces the contents of these files in a project when you import them. (this problem was in 8.5.20, and now in 9.0.1)

My system: Cubase 9.0.1, Windows 7 64bit