File import quality issues

My current workflow is to export my Finale compositions in whole or by voice to aiff (because Cubase Elements 9 won’t open the wav). But when the file is opened in CE9, performance details presumable added by the Aria player are missing when imported into CE9, though they are present when opened in Audacity (which also opens the wav export). Obviously something is getting stripped out, and would like to get the best of both worlds - Cubase superb controls as well as the feral growl of the sampled 32 foot organ reed (this, in particular, this is getting smoothed out into a completely tame bass.) Suggestions?

Mac El Cap
Cubase Elements 9
Finale 25.5

Update to all: I found that changing my output device from the DAC to default MacOS (when outputting from Finale) solved the issue. Once imported, Cubase and the DAC get along just fine. That 32’ Fagotto has fangs, now.

Cubase Elements should open the wave file fine.