File management - 2 things

  1. When I create a new song to work on ideas I usually do not have a working title yet and some times I’ll mess about for awhile without success and I do not save anything. In other words I DO NOT PRESS SAVE. Yet Cubase likes to leave behind “untitled folders” ( even though I did not save once ) Is there a way for Cubase to know that I did NOT SAVE and to NOT keep these "untitled’ folders behind?

  2. If I do have success and I do wish to save what I have worked on under a proper song title I use the save as command and I name the song and at the same time rename the untitled folder same as the song title. Thats all great until I go to reopen my song from the HUB next time I work and what happens is Cubase still creates a new untitled folder and proceeds to place any new audio files I may record or import into my song/project into this UNTITLED folder. Why in the world can’t Cubase understand which is the obvious folder in which to place new audio files? Especially when I have opened a saved song from the HUB.
  1. Cubase generate a new project folder from your defaul location. So if you dont alter that new folder suggestion to the one you want to use. You tell cubase to generate the new suggestion. So this is up to you.
    You can also select cubase to promt for location, if you want a more old style way of setting location.

  2. Instead of using save. You use backup project. Now you can save the project where you want it and name it. You also get promt with some options to clean up audio and make offline processing permanent.
    Cubase will only create a new project folder for template. So are you sure you are saving as a project and not template? If you rename the project folder up on save. Next time cubase will promt for project folder. Cubase cant keep up with everything that is done outside of the program.

Thing is, You are kind of making a mess by not setting propper locations in the first place. This will follow the project when you save it.
If you back it up, you will “export” the project and set new clean path.

I think you should make a clean project. Call it “new song” and save it. When ever you want to make a song, open up this project.
When you get something worth saving, You back it up to a new loaction and start work. You will be promt so you can save the backup with a new project name. Think this will work better for you then using template, as template needs you to set location as in your 1 question.
You can also see the set location going from active to deactive, when you toggle between open saved project or open template, in the hub.

To keep things tidy I do pretty much as Reflection suggested. I have a template that starts things the way I like it. I set the hub to prompt for a new location and use a folder at the top of my audio drive called _start project. If the session was fruitless Cubase will remove all the temporary files on a prompt upon quitting. Otherwise, as soon as I get something worth building on, I back it up to a new titled folder in the proper location. (Make sure the _start project folder has at least one file in it when you create it or Cubase will erase the folder too upon quitting.)

This makes it easy to clean up if there are any edit or image files etc in the start folders, rather than here and there on the drive.

The only issue is when the song title changes as it evolves. You could back it up to a new folder and continue on, but that would duplicate audio files, so I rather just make an alias folder with the new title pointing to the project folder with the original working title to help my memory down the road. Hope that helps you develop your own system. I’ve got a bit of a mess on my drive from before I figured it out. Now things are tidyer.

Thank you for your replies.
I think that compared to Logic and Studio One the file management in Cubase could be improved.
Your workflow recommendations/work arounds will be fine but it’s extra work for sure. The programmers could improve this. Cubase could work smarter. Cheers