File management and sharing - Is there a simpler way?

Hello folks,

Whats your “project sharing for dummies” procedure?
I always use the same procedure, as the manual instructs:

  1. Media > Prepare Archive
  2. File > Back Up Project

Am I missing something?

I find that sharing projects is too complicated… specially when I open projects worked by clients or team mates (not proficient at Cubase). Then I get all the errors like:

“The project file has been moved, chose New or Old location”
“Missing Files”
“Please spend two hours on the servers Pool to find your missing takes”

Oh, and if I need to share a file with several project versions, backup project doesnt work, so I have to just copy the file and this sometimes creates missing files errors.

I´ve been using Cubase since version 5 and I still have problems with this. Not because I don´t understand it, but because my clients or team mates find it confusing. And they are right :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Collaborating among several Cubase users is a pain. Specially if one or several of them don´t understand how to store things properly and you need to move the project between computers.

I´d LOVE IT if I could export and share a self-contained single-executable-file for the whole project.

Please feel free to share your best practices here.