File managment protocol needed between DAWs and sample/file based VSTis

It’s pretty clear to me that there is some potential to improve things here.

-amalgamating samples/files in a VSTi to the projects folder. Either into the ‘Audio’ folder, or into a new ‘VST’ folder.

-Project Backup protocol where the same as above happens.

Without this, there is a risk of data loss for users unbeknownst to them. For example, in a recording project, a slice of an event may get dragged into for example, padshop… But then the user might use Project Backup to create a new copy of the project without realizing, the sample in Padshop is using the old project directory.

Steinberg should force this to be standardized for all DAWs that use VST in the next major iteration of VST.

or correct me If I’m wrong on all of this.

I guess the contention against my suggestion would be that, for example, someone wouldn’t want a huge Kontakt library amalgamated into their project, and secondly, some VSTi companies use a proprietary audio sample format.

So, maybe this shouldn’t be forced change, but would have to be a developers discretion. Simply among single sample/file VSTis, Steinberg should influence that developers adapt the suggested protocol.