file name, length and start timecode from DAW

I have just started to develop VST plugin(VSTe not VSTi) for principal DAW applications.
As of now I have some questions about SDK issue.
I would appreciate it if anyone could answer to me.

I use VST2_SDK.
When our VST effect is applied to certain track, our VST wants to obtain the following information from host DAW,

  • sound data filename(wav or any other format) on the track
  • audio length (time) . It’s time on right edge of tail of sound data on the track.
  • audio start time(offset). It’s time on left edge of head of sound data on the track.
    But I have no idea and can’t find any helpful sample code to achieve this.
    Our request is… I would appreciate it if anyone could share the sample code. Or if VST3 can provide simple way for this, sample code for VST3 is also welcome!


no there is no way to get this kind of informations using VST2 or VST3: access to the audio files loaded in a track where the plugin is instanciated.

In VST3 you can get the track name and some other information by using the ChannelContext::IInfoListener interface; check the “channelcontext” example.


Knowing what’s on the original track doesn’t tell you much - there may be region effects and other processing (region volume, fades, …) applied before the samples reach your plug-in.
VST is not really suited for accessing track audio data - SDKs like ARA were build to address this problem.

Hi ygrabit and sgretscher,
thank you for the quick reply, I understand now. Unfortunately I seek other approach.