File name recipes: possible to force # digits in numbers?

When preparing a File name recipe, there are three numbers you can add to distinguish the files to be generated:

  • Layout number ($n)
  • Flow number ($b)
  • Page number ($p)

Is it possible to force the number of digits? For example, if I have more than 100 layouts (yes, we do have that) or flows (we don’t have it yet), I would like to be able to make a numbering with leading zeroes (001, 002, … 010, 011, …, 099, 100, 101, …). That way, if I put that number as the first field, the filenames will get sorted correctly in Windows.
Similar question for pages: what if I have more than 999 pages? (So far, our max is a few hundred, but I anticipate we might have projects with 1000+ pages). In such case, I would like to have four digits, with leading zeroes.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

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You can’t change the number of leading zeroes for these fields, I’m afraid. Flow numbers are not padded with leading zeroes, layout numbers are padded with a leading zero if required so they are always at least two digits, and page numbers are padded with two leading zeroes if required so they are always at least three digits.

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Hello Daniel, thank you for the info.
Maybe a suggestion for future version: ability to specify the number of digits with zero padding?
Warm greetings, Robrecht