File names, when saving Project

I realize that this is a very basic question, but I’m unable to find the answer:

We can set the {@projectTitle@} via the File/Project Info/Project/Title.

When it comes time to File/Save, however, the Project Title is not displayed – the file is still called “Untitled Project [n].dorico”.

Is there a way to have the Project Title automatically used as the Project name when saving?


I think not.
The reason could be that the @projectTitle string might be very long and also contain characters unfit for filenames?

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Very good point, Janus! I wonder if Daniel Spreadbury might confirm this . . .

If your projectTitle contains a slash / or a colon : you can not use it as a file name - as Janus already pointed out.

Thanks, k_b.

While I’m sure there must be many users who would prefer not to automatically assign the Project Title to the file name, it would be nice were there an option to do this (perhaps within Preferences). Re. non-valid characters for filenames, there could be an accompanying heads-up to that effect, alongside that option.

Programming this sounds like a lot of work for the developers. How much effort does it take to type out your filename one more time (or copy/paste it from the Project Info field)?

Everything is relative, Derrek. Many of the folks at this forum are here precisely because they felt they had to put too much effort into simply operating Finale.

Dorico takes whatever we enter in as “Project Info → Title” and applies it globally. That is, we are already entering our “Title” through a ‘centralizing’ process. To me, it is simply logical that since Dorico expends such effort in order to centralize “Project Title”, it therefore make that centralization also extend to the project’s file name. (With, of course, the appropriate heads-up about non-valid filename characters.)

I was trying to be charitable in my earlier response, but you persisted, so I ask: why on earth would you ever think “Project Title” might equate to “Filename”? That is simply illogical.

You might have a large number of different pieces that share the same “@projectTitle”. For example “Sonata”; or many arrangements of the same score (hence same Title) for different ensembles; or you may simply want to keep many versions of an original - 1a,1b,2a…

In none of these use cases does @projectTitle work as a proxy for filename.

Thanks for trying. . . :roll_eyes: . . .

When I’m working on something, I give it a name; that name stays with it, regardless of how many files it takes to bring it to fruition. To distinguish one day’s work – or one section’s work – from another, I simply add the qualifying information to the file name. The project has a name, and that name is the same as the project’s.

Nothing illogical about it.

As we all do. But please accept that you are in fact changing the filename with each iteration. You are not updating the @projectTitle token as the filename.

All you appear to be asking for is that your initial @projectTitle should be used as the default filename.

Yes, that’s exactly right.

Why? It only happens once, thereafter you are making manual changes… Oh and the first time you use it you cannot include details of orchestration or any other pertinent info…

I’m not sure what to tell you, Janus: I like to save my work as the work’s title, plus whatever will distinguish a particular day’s progress (the date, or some new experimental aspect, etc). It’s the way I work.

(I may occasionally end up with long filenames :wink:, but I’m never in doubt about what the project is, and what aspect of that project was dealt with in that file.)

So, you accept that your original request was spurious, even for your own workflow.

I guess you either haven’t read - or understood - my answers.

Either way, my guess is that we both have more productive things to do than continue this particular debate. . .