File naming on render bug?

I have a repeatable bug I beleive in Wavelab 9.
Working with a 24/96 stereo montage I’m attempting to render the tracks individually to supply the label with 24/96 files of each track. The filenames have changes in format and sometimes title often so I am attempting to copy and paste the new names from a spreadsheet into the clip name area in the montage main window. Once done, it will render the first couple of tracks with their names fine, then the rest will appear as .wav with no name.
This seems to only happen when I copy and paste the correct titles into the montage. If I type them in it seems to name the rendered files just fine. Trouble is I have over 220 tracks over 34 CDs that need to be renamed manual entry will take forever and have doubtless errors that copy and paste would prevent.
Is there a fix possible or a workaround?

here’s a dropbox link to a screen grab that I think shows you what is going on-

Help is greatly appreciated.

Not 100% sure of what you are exactly doing. You speak about clip names, track names, and CDs.
By track, to you mean “CD Track”’ ? Or a “montage Lane”? Or a “Clip”?
How do you render; one by one, or by regions, or…
Do you use a naming scheme?

A screen shot with the Render Ribbon tab visible would be more useful than with the Edit Ribbon tab so your render settings and naming scheme are visible as PG says.

Also, if you post the montage file without the audio, I’m happy to test it here to see what happens on the rendered file names.

Here’s a link to a screen shot with the render strip. Not sure if that’ll help.

Sorry for the lack of clarity, I’m not sure what you call each spot the names appear and it was getting to the end of a very long day.
1-Montage built with files that are not named as the client would like the output to be named.
2-rename the clip or file or what ever I should be referring to it as in the main montage window near the bottom of the clip.
3-delete the markers and use the CD wizard to generate new track splice markers, they are named as I renamed the files as I would expect.
4-render all regions, naming scheme or not, on output the first or second files will be named correctly then all after those will be output named .wav with no name in front of the .

You speak about clip names, track names, and CDs.
By track, to you mean “CD Track”’ ? Or a “montage Lane”? Or a “Clip”?
How do you render; one by one, or by regions, or…
Do you use a naming scheme?

I guess more simply I’m naming the clip in the montage lane which is naming the marker, which is naming the CD track, but the render output name is becoming .wav instead of Andante.wav.

Here is a screen grab of the files that montage output from the render-

It is not consistently only the first file that is named correctly, sometimes the first two sometimes the first 3.

I first thought maybe this was just because I’m copy and pasting the text in but I have just tested and found that if I type in each name and even if I use short names with no special characters the files still output without the name, just .wav

Correction, I had not regenerated the CD track markers when I tried that last render.
When I type in the name and keep the name short to something like track1, track2 it outputs with the name correctly. Is there any character or font restrictions that would cause this?

Confirming - when text is copied into the clip name, rather than typing in, generating CD markers named from the clip the render output does not name the file correctly. Does anyone else see this? I’ll try and see if I name the CD track in the CD tab if that makes a difference.

If the text is copied and pasted into the CD track name in the CD tab the output is named correctly. If the text was copied as a cell from a spreadsheet it still outputs the file name incorrectly as .wav.

If the text is copied into the clip name space in the montage lane then the naming problem occurs if it has been copied as a spreadsheet cell or just plain text. If text only not a spreadsheet cell is copy and pasted into the marker name on the marker tab or the CD track name on the CD tab the errorodoes not occur.

Interesting. I can test that here in a bit. Normally, my clips are perfectly named when I load them into WaveLab so I never do any copy/paste to rename them.

I can’t reproduce a problem here. Please make a screen shot of the CD Window. These are the names of the rendered files.

I also can’t reproduce here. I renamed all the clips in my montage and coped the names from a spreadsheet. Then I generated CD Track Splice Makers using the CD Wizard which named the markers based on the clip names.

When I rendered WAV files using “CD Tracks” as the source, the file names were OK.

What’s strange is that in the picture you show, the naming scheme of Numerical Prefix is not even showing on the bad file names so that fact might be a clue.