File opened in iPad via Dropbox corrupted

I opened a file created in Dorico 4.3.20 on my iPad after just updating to the most recent version of Dorico for iPad. The file was opened via Dropbox, and although I never saved the file from the iPad, somehow it was corrupted and automatically saved to Dropbox. I salvaged the file from the Dropbox version history, but nonetheless thought I’d share this in case anyone else has the same issue.

Just an update: This is happening every time I open a file on the iPad via Dropbox. Anyone else seeing this?

When you close a project on the iPad version, I believe it will always be saved, even if there were no changes that result in the project becoming “dirty” (i.e. needing saving). Are you able to immediately reopen the project on your iPad after closing it?

If I close the file on the iPad and then reopen it, it is essentially blank: all notes and other entries are gone, and the score setup has only a subset of the instruments in the full score.

That’s very strange. Does this occur if you save the project in iCloud Drive or “On My iPad” rather than in Dropbox?

Background: I used to subscribe to Dorico for iPad, but since I wasn’t using it I cancelled my subscription. I kept the app on my iPad so that I could at least see my scores whilst out and about. That’s the version I use now.

  1. I opened Dorico on my iPad. Splash screen offering me the opportunity to renew may subscription. I declined
  2. I chose Open or Import File…, navigated to the orchestral project on my iCloud Drive , opened it and all appeared fine. Closed Dorico with the Hub open, not the project
  3. Opened the project days later on my MacBook, whilst away, and noticed all my players except to topmost 12 had been stripped out of the project

I know I don’t need to say that this is potentially disastrous. Fortunately when I got back home yesterday I was able to rescue an untouched copy of the project by turning off my home Internet before accessing my iCloud Drive on my iMac, stopping it form syncing, so I could perform the rescue operation (by duplicating and moving etc) before the ‘corrupted’ version overwrote it.

This morning, to test, I opened another test orchestral project, stored on my iCloud Drive, using iPad. All appeared OK, so I closed iPad (that is, I quit Dorico on my iPad). When I opened the project MacBook, the same thing had happened: all but the top 12 players had been stripped out.

Hmm, that’s obviously a very bad problem. If you open a project with more than 12 players into the iPad version with no subscription, the project is meant to be read-only and thus not make any changes when it saves. I’ll investigate this forthwith.

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