File paths and Batch processor

Hi there,

Want is the batch processor’s behavior when it cannot find files when loading presets, i.e. the drive letter is different etc.



If you speak about plugin presets: the batch processor does not have file references to plugin presets, it stores the preset data itself. That means, once loaded, if a preset disappears from disk, it’s not a problem.

No I meant the audio files, since the batch processor can be saved with the file list.
What happens if the audio files are moved or something?

Then an error is reported for that missing file. If you choose, you can prevent an error from stopping the whole process.

Will it ask for the missing files giving a chance to relink everything and update the batch info?



The missing files will have a red bullet in front of them. You will need to remove them, and add them again. There is no auto search feature for this.

How this scenario of missing files, could happen in your case?

This can happen very often really.

  • In case when needing to use a backup drive or when moving the entire files contents to a new drive the drive letters can be mismatched

  • Accidentally changing a folder name

  • Making a new master folder and putting all child folders inside.

    I guess the most likely to happen is simply using an external drive and/or using backups. For us sample developers dudes…we work with tons of data spanning across multiple drives as backup.
    It would be great to have an auto-search function or at least a manual relink since it is less likely that actual file names will be altered.

Can that be done?



OK, I note this for the future, but I don’t think I can find the time for 7.2.

It’s OK. Thanks for considering it and for the great support here!