File Pointers and File Groups

Is there any way Wavelab could associate file pointers with file groups? Here’s today’s scenario:
Client One: Album EQ setup – working all day on this.
Client Two: Emergency single EQ-- just going to sneak this one in on my lunch break.

It would be awesome if I could keep the Album open in one file group, and work on the single in a second file group. The problem is that all of my EQ preset pointers, source file directory, rendered files, CD cue sheets etc. are pointing to the first project of the day, and switching back and forth between the two projects means I have to mouse around for ten minutes to re-establish the file pointers to the correct project directory structure. How much easier it would be if I could switch between projects by switching between file groups and have the associated file pointers switch over depending on which file group I have selected!

I have a more general complaint that file pathing should be relative and not absolute dependent upon the home folder of the active and saved project.wpr file. It is always a bit of a hassle to find out that all of the EQ setups I’ve been saving in today’s work got saved to yesterday’s project preset folder-- this even after establishing new paths for rendered audio and when saving the montage.

Thanks, that an interesting idea. I don’t say it will happen tomorrow, but I note the idea for the future.

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I would greatly welcome the implementation of this feature, and I wish developers from other software would follow this great (future?) example, it would save a lot of time and “mind-switching”…

+1 !

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Yes, This is a problem, Sessions and projects should be unique.