File render bonus silence

I am experiencing a situation in Elements 7 where every time I render a file (to flac) there is an additional - and needless to say unwanted - +1minute of silence at the end of the track.

Is there an option to get rid of this?


Rendering a file or montage? Always happens?

Thanks for the reply PG.

It seems to always happen when I am rendering a file.

It strikes me there must be an option somewhere to insert silence at the end of the file, but I can’t find it.

Any ideas?

Actually my previous reply is not entirely complete.

This situation occurs where I have an existing 16bit file, bring it in to Wavelab, process, and then render.

However, if I create a file natively in Wavelab (in 32bit float) and then render it there is no silence appended to the end.

Hope that helps and clarifies.

I can’t reproduce the problem here. Please tell the exact steps you do.

Well I must apologise, it seems this was caused by a specific VST effect.

Sorry for wasting your time.

Which VST effect? Just so this topic is not a complete waste… :sunglasses:

LiquidSonics’ Filtrate LE CUDA edition

It is a very nice linear phase EQ that can offload processing load to the GPU. However, without having delved into the explanation in any detail, it has a look ahead function that somehow appears to be writing the extra data to the end of the file.

FWIW, the version linked to above is donationware, but there is also a paid version that based on a quick demo test doesn’t appear to have the same issue.