File Save As

Hi. I just upgraded today to 5.1.40 on Mac.
I discoved tonight that the Save As is not working.
When I select it nothing happens. When I close the file, I am asked if I want to save or all changes will be lost.
I like to save as I go along and save in different places sometimes, so the save as is useful to me.
Any comments?


This might be an option:

Nigel, I’m not aware of any problems with Save As in Dorico 5.1.40. Could you please try to use File > Save As, then immediately afterwards do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, so I can see whether Dorico is throwing an error of some kind?

Hi Daniel

Many thanks for your message.

The save as did not work when I upgraded to the 5.1.40

Then the next day it did work.

Maybe I should have closed down my Mac after installing the upgrade then it would work.

Anyway, now it is all OK.

I waited to check it for 2 days before getting back to you.

Many thanks for all your help.


OK, I’m glad to hear things are working more reliably now. If you encounter the problem again, please send us a set of diagnostics as described in my previous reply.