“File save” feedback in iPad

When you click the “Return to Hub” arrow you are also doing a file save to iPad storage and this can take a few seconds on a large project.

My request is for some kind of visual feed back that Dorico acknowledges my “Return to Hub” request while it squares away the project.

I found myself tapping away at the arrow thinking the iPad hadn’t felt my finger press or had stalled, but after doing this on several occasions, realised that Dorico was actually writing away to the file system behind the scenes.

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How big are your files, Iain, that this is taking more than a second or so?

256 bars 40 staves 1.1MB

2nd generation 11” iPad Pro

79GB of 128GB storage available

Save it in Galley View : 1 sec
Switch to Page View and save: ~3 secs

Every time? Will make a note in future.

Save from Galley View: ~3 secs this time (just a few new bars)
Just long enough to make me wonder if I’d actually clicked the “return to Hub” arrow

( this is not a big issue though is it)

Ah. This time, after having edited in Galley View; switched to Page View; Played back a section; switched back to Galley View; clicked “<“ to save, Dorico took 5 or 6 seconds to save and I definitely thought I’d not successfully clicked “<“ but I did wait for a few seconds to see. In fact I had done, but Dorico took 5 or 6 seconds to respond.

So. Request is to make the “<“ button pressed state less subtle and stay pressed until returned to Hub.

I tried this a second time and Dorico took 6 or 7 seconds to save.

I now notice that the “<“ button does behave like a button albeit rather subtly darker when pressed but only for a couple of seconds. This behaviour easily missed and “<“ button pops back to “unpressed” appearance before the saving is complete.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll think about whether it might make sense to add a progress spinner here.