File saved as a "File 1" type

Hello, two of the recent projects I have been working on got saved as the wrong file type. Instead of a “.dorico” it was saved as “File 1”. Is there any way to recover these files.

What happens if you rename them to “something.dorico”?

Doesn’t seem to want to change the file type even when I’m in the files property settings. I know what the issue was when i saved it though, I don’t know if it will help. I named it (blank)No.1 which caused it to save as a file 1 type.

Can you find the file in your folder structure (Windows Explorer or Mac equivalent) and do an “Opens with…” [Windows right-click] and open it with Dorico? Then save it under a new name.

Just tried, but I am still getting stuck with the “Error: Invalid Parameter” pop up. I have also tried to open it with muse core to see if the file format would work on there, but the same issue arises.

Is there a backup file in the Dorico folder (Dorico Projects > Backup Projects) that could get you most of the way there?

Sadly it looks like those saved as file 1 types as well and im just getting the same pop up.

Could you post one of these File 1 files here, so we can try to open it for you?

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The file type is not accepted on this web page, so can not send it through here.

You’ll need to zip it first.

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Here is the file.

I added the extension “.dorico” and the file opened with no problem. A copy of the renamed file is attached.

WindQuintetNo.1.dorico (667.8 KB)


The same for me.