File Saving - Management

OK, I’m about to lose my mind, I’ve wasted 2 hours trying to figure this out.

Wavelab Elements 7 -

I open a group of audio files in a folder currently placed on my desktop. Make a minor edit to the length of one of them, save it. the changes aren’t saved. I try save as , still no go. When I try to close the file it asks to I want to save … again. I say yes, rename it, still no go. Some of the time it has actually saved it in the music-wavelab elements\audio files\ folder but not consistently. One of the times the changes were actually saved, but I’m not sure what I did differently to make it work.

This is the absolute worst file management nightmare I’ve ever encountered in 20 years of computing. What am I missing here?
thanks and sorry for the rant!

What file format?

This happened to me… but turns out I was saving to a different spot on my computer by accident… I’m assuming you’ve checked this?? :slight_smile:

I always try to check the stupid stuff first hah.