File saving time


I just purchased the awesome Bohemian solo violin. This violin is fantastic, exactly the sound I’m looking for since years… :astonished: BUT …

I use Falcon to load it. I set up cubase to autosave my project every 7mn. When this sample library is loaded, the cubase file saving takes up to 20s !! So every 7 mn, cubase freezes for 20s ! :unamused: It’s really annoying. I don’t know how to avoid that.

If anyone have an idea / info… Thanks !

Maybe try UVI worksation to load it and see if it’s the same…this may tell you if it’s the library or Falcon at fault and ask the relevant developer for advice.

Yes but I prefer to use it with Falcon which allows me much more possibilities to get the sound I want !

I think you’re not comprehending that this is a suggestion to aid in fault finding. I didn’t say you should use it permanently.

??? Impossible to load it in UVI workstation ! :open_mouth:

Apparently, I can’t load any falcon modified file into the workstation !

But you can load the original library and see if save time is still slow.

That’s what I thought too but … Impossible ! I really don’t know why !

Oh ! After another try, it loads ! But the file time saving remains the same. Around 7 or 8s. It seems shorter than yesterday ! :unamused:

I’m afraid it’s because of the complexity & number of samples of the Bohemian violin. Which is fabulous !
The computer is not old nor bad quality, though.

But the samples don’t need to be re-saved every time, only the settings of the plugin…I would probably just mail the developer and ask if it’s normal.

Samples are not saved each time ! Otherwise it would take 3mn !
I already asked Virharmonic, the company that developed Bohemian violin. Their support is perfect ! The opposit of Steinberg ! They anwered me after few minutes and gave me a lot of info in long messages.

In Reaper, there is an option allowing users to not save plugins settings with the project file, alas, not in cubase… Such a feature would be very useful, though !
It seems that Mr Steinberg doesn’t like to give users a lot of choices : there is not a lot of switchable options, in cubase. But he could do like in VSL : a simple preferences window for beginners and another one with deep preferences for people who know very well what it is about.

Not save plugin settings with the project file! What would be the point of that save?

Saving plugins settings separatly in order to avoid to have autosave during 7 or 8 seconds each time. Cubase is frozen during this time. You could save plugin files, then having a short cubase autosave. When you use huge sample libraries like the bohemian violin, it could be very nice !!

I can’t imagine the saving time if several huge libraries are loaded !