File structure in Cubasis2 and Cubasis3 in iOS

I was trying to reset my ipad due to bad performance. I thought it might be easy by backing it up via itunes and restore it afterwards. But itunes faisl to restore it. So I tried to access my backup with another program and was able to extract all Cubasis files.
I have/had installes Cubasis2 as well as Cubasis3 on my ipad. Bringing back all files to the apps is very hard as on itunes you can only snyc files to the top level folder of every app. On the ipad I have at least the possibility to move the files to sub folders. I thought moving project files to Project folder and all audio foles back to Audio/My Audio Files folder would result in having everything the way it was. But I can only see my projects with all audio files missing.
Can you tell me how to restore projects manually for Cubasis2 and Cubasis3 as well?