File switching lag

I’ve tried searching for this in the forum but couldn’t find anything about it, so apologies if it’s been brought up before.

Depending on what VSTs one is using, when two files are open at once and you switch back and forth between them, there can be a considerable amount of lag before you can actually do anything while the new sounds load up. This is relevant, for instance, if you’d like to copy and paste something from one file to another, which might require a number of switches back and forth between the files.

It often goes something like this: Be working in file #1. Decide you’d like to copy a line from file #2 into file #1. Open file #2. Lag. Find section in #2. Realize you need to look back at the section in #1 to figure out exactly how much to copy from #2. Switch to #1. Lag. Find precise material to be replaced. Switch back to #2. Lag. Select and copy material. Switch to #1. Lag. Paste material.

In Finale, when working with multiple files at once, Finale won’t load up the new sounds until you call them up for playback; that way the operation above could be done with zero lag from loading instruments (there could be other issues, because it’s Finale, but you know…). In fact, not even all playback actions load the new sounds; using the scrubber does not load new sounds (it just uses the previously loaded sounds to scrub playback–sometimes super weird, but almost invariably super helpful).

I would love it if this were examined so that this sort of lag from loading was avoided. Now, obviously, if it were to be implemented, it’d need to be slightly different than the way Finale does it, because selecting a note in Dorico calls it up for playback, whereas in Finale it does not; nonetheless, Finale’s model would be a good place to start.

Thanks for all the great work on 1.2!

P.S. Love the Christmas Youtube video!

IIRC There was talk of having a way to keep the sounds from one file loaded while you referenced another in order to save time switching; but I do not think this has been implemented yet, nor has anyone said when it might be.

Ah, yeah, I missed/couldn’t find that, but that would be super nice.

As long as it’s on the radar, I’m happy :slight_smile:


This is on our list for the future. There is already the control at the top of the window to ‘activate’ a project for playback, but support for it isn’t yet implemented. It is far from a trivial task because we need to consider what the implications are if you try to save a file if the audio engine isn’t active, or how to deal with the case that you have added new instruments, as this now means that the engine data is out of sync with the score.

We have to be very careful to avoid data loss or unexpected behaviour.

Ah, I understand it’s not easy, but I’m glad that’s on your list, thanks.