File system doesn't update when moving items in Mediabay

Repro -

Go into Mediabay / Loop or Sound Browser

Select a file or folder within the file system in the left hand panel (Under Define Locations)

Move it to a new position within the file system.

You get a dialogue box asking if you want to move or copy.

Select either.

The item is moved / copied to the new location correctly within the computers file system, but this is not reflected within Cubase until you close and re-open the Mediabay / Browser window.

This has been this way since mediabay was introduced - at least on a mac.

Also, again within Media Bay or one of the Browsers -

Create a new folder.

Box comes up to name the folder - name it and OK to continue.

The new folder is created (you can see it in the computers file system), but it doesn’t show up in Cubase’s file system until you close and re-open Media Bay.

While looking at these problems, if you could also speed it up a tad that would be great :laughing:

On a mac it feels like you’re accessing your media on a floppy disc :confused: