File tempo data always wrong

Why do all of my audio files have tempos and bar/beat counts different than what those numbers actually are?

Say I want to record an 8 bar riff at 140bpm. I move the pointers to the appropriate 8 bar section, turn on repeat, and do a couple takes. Why does the resulting file never have 140bpm as its tempo?
Even recording an empty take with Cycle History + Replace enabled just now got me 127.09bpm.

I don’t understand. How is this useful? I can’t even correct it, changing the tempo changes the bar count too. Sometimes it randomly doubles the bar length too and insists that the tempo be halved.

It seems like what it’s showing me is some ratio of the tempo relative to the extra length of the recording outside of the 8 bars I actually care about.

What’s the point of this odd behaviour?

It seems like you should be able to couple this with musical mode to do some pretty handy things but I can’t even get it to accept my input.

That shouldn’t happen and is something I don’t see. Have you somehow got tempo detect on so it is adjusting to the tempo of what you are playing?

If you try without the repeat on? I noticed this too. BPM being off when cycle recording.

Yes this 100% can occur. There seems to be 2 main causes 1) Imported audio 2) Cycle Recording.

It has been like this forever. Maybe Cubase 12 will fix it, but don’t hold your breath. I think (total speculation) when looping that the resulting Audio File is often not an exact multiple of the loop length but maybe a little bit longer and that throws the calculation off.

In any case you can go into the Pool and manually set the Tempos to the correct value. It’s become a habit for me after any tracking session to immediately verify/change the Tempos of the Audio in the Pool.

IMPORTANT: If you intend to set an Audio File to Musical Mode make sure that the Tempo setting is correct before enabling Musical Mode.

Hey, thanks! info much appreciated.