File that opens in 2.2 and crashes in 3.1

Dear Team,
Here’s a file provided by Vincent Ollier, a fellow French Dorician on the FB French forum. I can open it in 2.2 but any attempt in 3.1 makes the program crash. No harmonics, no guitars nor bends… Hope this is useful!

Thanks for sending this in, Marc. This crash is caused by the changes we made to migrate the brackets and braces options from Engraving Options to Layout Options and is already fixed in our internal builds. The attached version of the project should open happily in 3.1, so please return this version to Vincent with my apologies for the inconvenience. For the time being you’ll need to avoid the ‘Wind band’ bracketing approach until this is taken care of.
Concerto Brandebourgeois Bwv 1048 (1.04 MB)

Great, thanks Daniel !!! On a sunday. You’re way over what we could reasonably ask for :wink:

I just experienced the same issue and thanks to this thread (and the fact that I didn’t delete Dorico 2 yet) I was able to change the bracketing from wind band to none in Dorico 2 and then open the project in Dorico 3. Hopefully the update with the fix is released soon.


I’ve got a similar issue: created in Dorico 3.1 and a ensemble change from “Orchestral” to “Wind B´band” is ending in Dorico crash.
Is it the same bug?

You can find Log’s and documents here:


macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6
Dorico Pro3 Version (Jan 12 2020)

Yes, this is the same problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. A small update is coming soon that will fix this problem.