File transfer problem

Help Please.
I have had Cubase LE 4 on my windows vista 32bit laptop for 4 years. I recently installed it (and licensed it) on my new windows 7 64bit notebook.
Problem: I “save as” a project to my hard drive, copy that file to a flash drive, and move it to the new notebook. When I “open” the project I get a " Resolve Missing Files" pop up box. Using the search button does not find the missing files. Closing that window gets another pop up “Missing Ports” with the port saying “un-mapped”, I hit the OK button and my project comes up with the title info, and the tracks shown, but no audio in any of the tracks. Playback of course has no sound.
This is my first post to the forum. Any advice is appreciated.
thank you

You need to copy the entire Project folder and containing sub folders over, you have just copied the cpr file, that does not contain the audio etc.

I did copy the Audio and Image file with the .cpr. Is there something else i’m missing?

Ok Try doing a “save project to new folder” or “Backup project” it changed name at some point, so it’s either one or the other, from the original project. You can then specify where the backed up copy project will end up.

Thanks Split,
“Save to new folder” did the trick. I had forgotten over the years that I had moved some files to new folders, so the “drag & drop” on a flash drive was not as complete as I thought. Thanks much for the help.

No Problem :stuck_out_tongue: