File Transfer Sites - the Fedz are coming ta getcha!

Just went looking for a file transfer site, followed a recommendation and got this!

Anyway, can anyone recommend a file transfer site? Free, of course, unlimited and with some kind of desktop drop-box or Send To feature. Shouldn’t be too much to ask…

yousendit, mailbigfile and fileswap are a few to check out.

I like Dropbox, but if you want to host more than 2 GB you’ll need a paid account.

Last night I signed up for FileSwap but it’s got a few restrictions like wait-for-download, advertising and file expiry. Just had a look at Dropbox and it looks like it doesn’t have all this. Would I be right? What the deal with that app? any nonsense come with it?

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Blimey, has anyone seen the news lately? Megaupload got taken down and now 2 more have stopped their services. You all probably knew that already. I wonder if there is still a point to this thread?

Yeah, dropbox allows you to send people direct links to your files, so people get the download prompt instantly without even having to navigate anywhere :slight_smile:
And you get a nice plugin which makes a dropbox folder in your windows explorer, where you can do anything to your files you would normally do in explorer. You can sync your dropbox with any other computer you log in, your phone as well. You can share folders with other people, so everyone who you allow has full read and write access to that folder.

It’s great!

Megaupload are currently attempting to re-instate themselves it seems:

Kim Dotcom and his mates are currently in one of our jails, without bail (which will be challenged in the High Court tomorrow).

The FBI with help from NZ Police ‘extracted’ him from his New Zealand home in what most would have considered a rather overly-dramatic, over-the-top ‘Hollywood’-style raid :

Looks like a nice modest wee country home… about 30-40min drive North of where I am.

I’m struggling to see the difference between these people and bankers. Too much money (though presumably not enough to be philanthropic). No tears here.

I thought it looked great, too. Almost too good to be true… Anyway, I’ll give it a go and blame you if all goes horribly wrong!

Great, how did I talk myself into this again? :sunglasses:

That’ll teach you to be a good citizen :wink:

+1 for dropbox!

Actually, Kim Dotcom (Megaupload founder) as it happens was incredibly generous with his money. He made quite a substantial donation to the Christchurch earthquake fund for example. :sunglasses:

Oh, I can bet The Ochoa Vázquez brothers, Mr Escobar and others were also regarded as great philanthropists in their community :smiling_imp:

Yeah, I heard that too but was unconvinced about the sincerity due the size of the pad, the gold-diggers hanging off his every $ and wasn’t he already on the run and looking for a bolt-hole when he suddenly found all this spare cash?

Don’t get me wrong, this guy is no angel and its quite likely his philanthropy was a mere smoke screen.

Caught with illegal firearms, but fortunately it turns out the full-size T72 tank on his front lawn :astonished: that had his neighbors shaking their heads in disbelief is in fact a fake.

‘Attempting’ may be the word. It timed out on me and McAfee flags it up as a highly dangerous phishing and scamming site (not that that always means anything). Don’t think I’ll be trying that again. You never know, they may be trying to take down the world in revenge. works good.

I’ve 8gb free Dropbox account and it works good too…

Nice place! Maybe you can rent it while he’s in jail, Ian? :smiley: