File transfering from computer to another, problem!

Hi all!

I hope someone can help me, I´m new to Cubase. Me and my friend both have Cubase AI 5 and we would like to transfer our songs from his computer(MAC) to my computer(PC).

He is using Yamaha N8:
I´m using PreSonus Audiobox USB:

Everytime I´m trying to open the song project which was made with his equipments, Cubase gets stuck while loading channels or something. What could we do to make it work? Is it taht Yamaha has 8 channels and my Presonus has only 2?

Helsinki, Finland

Jasu: Can you guys just swap “AUDIO FILES” between your two computers? :question:

This is what I do with a couple of friends, either by EMAIL or I give them
a CD of Audio FILES and Midi Files. They just import them into there PROJECTS
and add there parts.

Hope this helps, Jasu :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

First: make sure the your friend saves his project without any exotic plugins being used.
Second: you may try loading the project while Cubase is set up to use some generic audio driver:

  1. Select “ASIO Multimedia driver” on Device setup
  2. Load the project
  3. If success, select Presonus driver on Device setup

Espoo, Finland :sunglasses:

Thanks for the answers Jack and Jarno!

It would be better to swap the whole project. If we have made some kind of version of the song(including plugins etc) we would lose all that info. We both have the same plugins on our computers.

I´ll have to try loading the project without the Presonus driver.