File Version Control / Version Counter

I’m struggling with the ‘counter’ naming attribute.

I need Wavelab to control my version numbering in the same way that Cubase does it when rendering files. If it sees a file with the same name the version is automatically updated to ‘02’. ‘03’, etc, etc. Now would have expected, for consistency, both products from the same producer to have the same version control functionality.

I thought the counter attribute was going to tick up at each version of the same file, but I can’t get it to do that in sigle render or muiltiple render/batch.

The counter function in the naming attributes seems logical, but it functions in a way i was not expecting, i.e. its counts up on batches with different filenames so I get :

file1 [test master 001].wav
file2 [test master 002].wav
file3 [test master 003].wav

When i actually want :

file1 [test master 001].wav
file2 [test master 001].wav
file3 [test master 001].wav

…and then when I update/revise ‘file1’ i want:

file1 [test master 002].wav (where ‘002’ is the ‘version’ counter).

This is really important if your client expects work to be done in accordance with ISO9000 as with my work.

Can anyone help me with this?