File won't open after fiddling with expression maps - Solved

Fortunately, I have a backup with less than two minutes worth of edits because I’m a backup freak, but I still would like to know what happened.

I had asked the collective wisdom to help me with trying to setup a harmonics key-switch for GPO Harp KS 1. I have whitelisted an old version of aria multi x64 for this and the harp plays fine. Since no response was forthcoming (I assumed this would not be something that had been tried before), I bravely attempted it myself. In the course of doing this, the harp sample stopped playing altogether (I can’t remember exactly what I did …). I exited the file and then Dorico itself, then attempted to re-open the file. It stopped at 50% and showed an empty error window with Harp KS1 in the title bar. Obviously, it was trying to load the sampleit and something went wrong. On my backup that opens, I do briefly see a window showing that it is loading that sample. I am a bit concerned that it won’t open, it represents 18 minutes of orchestral music to be performed in January. I won’t be working on it for a bit now, and I have a couple of good working copies that open, but I would like to know if the file can be fixed, if only for future reference. I can send the file to the appropriate party at any time.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve sent you a PM about it. It can be useful though to know about another technique that can help resurrect files, if there’s a problem with a plugin. Back-up the file, then rename the .dorico file to and then inside the zip file delete the folder ‘supplementary_data/vstaudioengine’. You will lose the audio engine data so you’ll have to set up your plugins again, but it can be useful in an emergency.

Embarrassingly, I seem to have lost the offending file … I probably accidentally overwrote it while trying to keep myself safe
Oh well, it will remain a wondrous mystery!

Still, thanks for the info, I bet it would have done the trick!

Well, it seems that a couple of files are displaying the behaviour at this time. Hanging while trying to load the harp sample. I am sending you one of them. It could be that I am still using version 1.1 of Aria I suppose, but that’s the one I have from way back. I’d like to make sure however. Btw, the zip trick does work in this case.

Updating GPO (with the new Aria Player) did the trick …