File Won't Open - Stuck at 23%

Hello All. My student has a Dorico file that won’t open. It is stuck at 23%. I that when it gets stuck at 60% that it’s probably an audio engine issue. I know how to fix that, but what is the issue when it is stuck at 23%.

Is there a place to look up these percentages and what they mean with regard to errors? That would be super helpful. For example:

23% = whatever the issue is
60% = audio engine problem

Anyways, help would be much appreciated. Experiencing the usual feelings of intense frustration even though I greatly appreciate the people who work to make Dorico. It is a good product but some of this getting stuck while loading a file stuff is frustrating.

Is there any chance you’re a colleague of @damonsink and that we’re here talking about the same issue and indeed project as this thread from yesterday?

Hi Daniel,
Yes Justin and I are on the same faculty at Western Carolina–he was looking on when I was troubleshooting the issue with a student file yesterday (that you kindly addressed), but may be needing answers for other separate questions.

Pretty sure there is something going on on our end with students’ external storage devices and our login regime that may be corrupting an occasional file.

I did think it was unlikely to be a coincidence! Did you manage to find a recent backup of your student’s project?

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for the response. Yes, Damon and I are colleagues as he suggested. I didn’t know his student was having the exact same problem, but it seems to be the case. I figured they were two separate incidents. In a way, it might be better this way–if we solve one, we solve them both.

Indeed, I agree with Damon, it could be on our end with the login via school network. I think another possible issue is hard drive space. We can only clear out so much without IT privledges. Sometimes files can be corrupted if there’s not enough hard drive space… so that could be doing it too.

Let’s hope we can get this solved. Thanks for your response, Daniel. We’ll keep you posted. Despite some of these hiccups, I’ve enjoyed learning Dorico these last few months and I commend you as well as your entire team on creating such intuitive notation software.