File won't render

It’s a 24 bit 48k mono wav file.
Wavelab 7.2.1 32-bit, win7 64-bit

I’m using:
Izotope RX2 noise reduction
LinEQ lowband mono
LinEQ boadband mono
LinMB mono
SSLEQ mono
Vocal Rider mono

L2 mono in the dither section

When I try to render it starts to work, the “background tasks” window opens for a few seconds and then closes.
No file results.

What could the problem be?

Thanks for your help.

Try to remove the plugins one by one, to see where the break occurs.

It didn’t render until I removed all of the Plugins. The resulting file was stereo. The left channel was the intended audio, but the right channel was just noise.

The source file was 48k 24-bit mono wav file.

The render was set to be:
channels: Match input stream
Sample Rate: Match input stream
Bit resolution: 16 Bit
Meta-data: Inherit from source

Is 48k not a valid file format in mono?

thanks for your help.


I just made the source file Stereo and it worked.

Is it safe to assume that a 48k wav can’t be used in mono?

I do sometimes work with 48k stereo AIFF files that come from FCP with no problems.


Hi Philippe,

Any thought on this problem? for a lot of what I do I prefer to keep things mono.


Certain plugins only operate in stereo. Normally, you get a warning if something doesn’t go well.
Did you identify the plugin?

The sample rate of the file should be independent of the problem, most likely.