File won't save or print

Curiously, I asked my collaborator to save the file as both a Silence version and a NP version. He emailed me those files, and both work just fine. The original offending file continues to make Dorico hang.

Still pursuing this since something is amiss, but at least this particular file is fixed for me.

Paul, I emailed you the minidump files. Thanks.

Thanks for sending those Dan. I can see that Dorico is hanging as it’s waiting for the audio engine to save its data to file, which in turn is waiting for HALion Sonic SE to finish writing its data. For some reason, the call into the OS is hanging when it’s trying to either create or access a file, though I can’t see which file. I think there are two likely possible causes.

One is that the file can’t be opened because it’s locked by something else (eg virus checkers).

The other strange thing is that this project uses the HSO plugin directly, rather than using the HSO samples in Halion Sonic SE. I would suggest resetting the playback template to HSSE Pro and save again, to see if that fixes it. The HSO plugin itself is ages old, but really it’s just a reskinned version of HSSE. It could be that there’s a HSO/HSSE conflict that’s arisen.

In my mind all this points to the fact that the collaborator has somehow got an outdated version of HSO that works for him/her, but isn’t compatible with the current version of Halion that works with Dorico.

That seems like a general (and in the general case insoluble) issue with transferring a VST playback configuration from one machine to another. If the configuration says “this uses the VST component XYZ.dll” and the recipient’s version of XYZ.dll is a completely different VST, all bets are off as to what happens after that.

Maybe the collaborator’s version of HSO originally came from a different Steinberg product?

Yes, that sounds very plausible. I don’t think that there are any reasons for needing to use HSO directly in Dorico - it’s far better to use the sounds in HSSE. I would encourage your colleague to reset to the default HSSE playback template to reduce the potential for future problems.

Thanks Paul and Rob, I will try that with him. Still strange that, with this file and the previous one, my machine was the only one that had problems with the file.

As a perhaps related question, any idea how I can completely remove Iconica from my machine? I got the trial a couple months ago, and every once in a while, I get a popup message saying “We can’t find Iconica and we are most seriously displeased.” Or something like that.

I’m not sure. Try running the HALion Library Manager and remove it from there. I don’t know whether that will actually just unregister the library in HALion or remove it totally though.