Filename Options in the Print Mode - can they be saved with each project

I was wondering why the filename options don’t save with each file – I’m getting very frustrated when I’ve created a project, got it to the “export to PDF” stage and find that the filename options are set to what I used the day before in a previous project, not related to the current project. So if I decide to add some text to the tokens so that it might look like “Bach $t $l” for one file, then close the program and then the next day open a completely different project for which I’ve already done some PDF export with a name like “Bailey $t $l” why do I still see “Bach $t $l” instead of the filename option I had already used for the other project and saved the project after doing the export.
Can we either start with a totally blank “filename options” each time we start the program, or can the “filename options” please be saved with each project so it will be the same day after day that we work in the same project?
Or am I totally missing something obvious?

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You’re not missing anything. I can’t recall the reason for this but it has been explained before by someone at Steinberg. I don’t like it either.